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Bella Vista Behavior Matrix

  Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Inclusive


Volume Level

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Use your walking feet.
  • Use materials the right way.
  • Have materials ready.
  • Do your best.
  • Finish work on time.
  • Follow directions the first time.
  • Use kind language.
  • Listen to others.
  • Follow classroom agreements.
  • Volume 0 when listening to announcements.
  • Help others.
  • Look for times to help your teacher.


Volume Level

  • Always use walking feet!
  • Keep Right.
  • Use the handrails.
  • Use each step.
  • Go directly to your destination.
  • Always have a hall pass.
  • Be in areas where you have permission to be.
  • Respect other people’s space.
  • Enjoy bulletin boards with your eyes, not hands .
  • Stay with your partner.
  • Be a role model for other students.


Volume Level

  • Walk with purpose.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Hush, Rush, Flush and throw it away.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Report problems or mess to an adult.
  • Keep walls and floors clean.
  • Help the Earth, use only the paper towels you need!
  • Help remind others who are not following the expectations.
  • Wait for your buddy patiently.


Volume Level

  • Use walking feet!
  • Eat your own food only.
  • Eat a healthy lunch.
  • Don’t bring or share foods that have nuts.
  • Get everything you need and put on tray when you enter the cafeteria. 
  • Trash goes into the bins, liquids have a special bucket
  • Clean up all your trash.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Leave other people’s food alone.
  • Keep your food in your area and on your own tray. 
  • Tell an adult if you see a spill.
  • Help clean up trash if you see it. 
  • Let others sit with you at tables.

Computer Lab/Library

Volume Level

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself. 
  • Walk carefully.
  • Use all materials correctly.
  • Put books back where they belong or in the return bin.
  • Return your books when done.
  • Use kind words.
  • Keep food and drinks outside. 
  • Share books with others.
  • Help a classmate.


Volume Level

  • Sit down in chairs.
  • Walk calmly into the office. 
  • Go directly to the office when sent. 
  • Ask permission to use the phone. 
  • Enter the office quietly.
  • Wait for an adult to acknowledge you before speaking except in an emergency.
  • If bringing in a friend from the yard only come with one other person. 


Volume Level

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • When the 2nd whistle blows, walk to your line.
  • Tell an adult if there is a problem.
  • Play safe on the spinner.
  • When the bell rings return equipment.
  • Clean up trash.
  • Stay where a teacher or adult can see you. 
  • Tell an adult if you need help.
  • Listen and follow directions from all staff.
  • Help clean our environment.
  • Keep balls away from the portables.
  • Stay off ramps.
  • Help others solve conflicts by talking it out. 
  • Include everyone who wants to play.
  • Share equipment.

Water Station

Volume Level 0

  • Ask an adult before using.
  • Tell an adult if there are spills, flooding or a problem.
  • Use a cup or bottle.
  • Do not pour anything down the drain!
  • Help wipe up spills if possible.
  • Wait for your turn patiently and quietly.
  • Help other students.
  • Save water! Only pour the water you need.






Sensory Path





Bella Vista Voice Volume Levels

Level 0

No talking

Level 1

Whisper Voice

Level 2

Talking Voice

Level 3

Presentation Voice/Outside Voice