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Electronics Policy

Note this is the same policy used in OUSD middle schools
(updated 6/1/2023)

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones should be off and not visible once a student is on campus.  If a student has their cell phone out during school hours, this includes the After School Program,  they will receive a warning. If the student continues to use the cell phone, it will be collected for the day and returned to the student after school.  

At any point while on campus, students should NOT use cell phones to record and/or take video(s) or post to social media.

  • 1st offense – device is confiscated until the end of the school day & parent/guardian notified by teacher

  • 2nd offense – device is confiscated and parent/guardian is informed by teacher that they will need to pick up the phone 

  • 3rd offense –Parent/guardian notified by teacher and  device must be checked in/out at the office daily until the end of the year during school hours.

Gaming Devices

Should not be brought to school. Parents will be notified by teacher and asked to pick up the device.